Introducing WannaJet: Exclusive Private Jet Service Just Got More Accessible

The First & Only Private Jet Sharing Service Offering Fixed Costs on Private Flights Comparable to Commercial First and Business Class Flights

Stamford, CT, June 1st, 2010 – The first private jet service that offers seats at a fixed price comparable to that of first and business class fares is set to officially launch in the U.S. with over 60 domestic routes scheduled to be available this June 9th, 2010. It is Wannajet, and with their service, private jet service will be available to an entirely new demographic for the first time ever. For those frequent flyers accustomed to flying on first and business class flights, gone will be the days of exhausting security lines, long waits at baggage claim and frequent delays with Wannajet’s new offering.

Each WannaJet flight will be shared between four to six passengers, so by pairing people with the same travel destinations, WannaJet will be able to alleviate the costs of each individual’s airfare, thus cutting the cost to charter a private jet by 80% per person! Not only is WannaJet more affordable than any other private jet service, but it is also extremely easy to use. The booking process is fully automated through the website, just like that of a commercial airline, meaning in just 1 minute a traveler can post their travel plan on the jet. The website will also show travelers exactly which routes are available, how many passengers have already joined and what their final price will be. Therefore, WannaJet is able to provide each traveler with an exclusive service to his/her desired destination at a price and process that is comparable to first and business class flights, with all the luxury of private air travel.

Unlike many other private jet companies WannaJet does not have a membership fee. Upon booking their first flight customers become a Jade member and get a $150 credit (available only for account created within the next 30 days) towards their next flight. If members fly 20 hours in 12 months they become a Pearl member and receive a credit of 60 minutes on their account. If members fly 40 hours within 12 months they become a Emerald member and receive a credit of 90 minutes and for every 20 hours of flight after that they receive a credit of 90 minutes. Also members who refer other customers receive a coupon of $100.

How can WannaJet guarantee such low prices?

Unlike other private jet service where travelers book on a per seat basis, WannaJet guarantees the exact price of your itinerary immediately upon booking. Competitors only reveal the cost of the flight upon boarding once all passengers have checked in, and if there are only one or two passengers confirmed for that flight, these one to two people will have to cover the cost of the entire jet charter- a model that is too risky for most first and business class travelers. The WannaJet model, on the other hand, is risk-free and based on a full airplane with at least four passengers confirmed for a flight. Once four people have formed a group WannaJet will charter a private jet on their behalf. If an initiated travel plan is not filled 72 hours prior to take off, WannaJet will simply offer to book each client a seat on a commercial flight following a similar route and the same price, so there is no risk involved in flight cancellations, or exorbitant unexpected flight costs.

Since WannaJet’s prices are so low, they will reach an entirely new demographic which has heretofore been commercial flyers that normally fly on business and first class flights. “WannaJet is aiming for the person who drives a BMW, Audi or Mercedes, and hasn’t flown private before, as opposed to those affluent individuals who drive Lamborghinis and Bentleys, who already fly on private jets regularly,” explains WannaJet’s founder, Philippe Bo. “In my business model we are targeting only 1% of the population that currently fly business and first class.”

WannaJet is the brainchild of Paris-born, Philippe Bo. Bo, a 15-year veteran of GE, worked his way through the company until he reached the level of CFO and VP of Finance. At GE he spent many years traveling between commercial flights and private jets, so he enters aviation from a consumer standpoint. His personal travel experiences have allowed him to understand first-hand the problems involved with modern commercial and business class flights, while also being well aware of the convenience of private jets. In May 2009, he saw the opportunity to bridge the need and excess of business travel with the ease of private flights. "The idea started from the simple premise that private jet flights are on average 25% full and fly an average of 90 minutes per day... Hence a very expensive price per seat," says Mr. Bo.

Today, more passengers will be able to enjoy the many perks of flying a private jet charter including hassle-free instant check-in, no delays, smaller airports, no baggage claim and possibility of lost luggage, comfortable seating, helpful staff, convenient transportation options to and from the flight, same day round trip and gourmet meals.

With WannaJet’s innovative approach to private flying, private jet services are no longer limited to the millionaires and billionaires. Now the entrepreneurs and high-level executives who normally fly on first and business class flights can enjoy some peace and quiet while they travel from business meeting to business meeting.

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