1. WannaJet.Com is seeking to expand the private jet market to a new category of clients who could not afford nor justify up to now, the current full retail price.
2. Hence, WannaJet.Com is not cannibalizing existing private jet operators' customer base but rather expanding the reach.
3. WannaJet.Com is not a discount broker and therefore thrive to partner with jet operators to offer its clients the quality of service and exclusivity the private jet industry is known for.
4. The concept of sharing the cost of a chartered jet by helping clients to post an itinerary and share it with other passengers is a fantastic opportunity to surprise and energize new clients while recognizing that some of the benefits jet owners enjoy such as 3 to 4 Hour flight notice, full privacy, itinerary flexibility cannot be satisfied in full.
5. WannaJet.Com is focused on addressing our existing environment challenges (reduce travel cost, enhance environmental efforts, expand personal network...) while offering travelers a better flying experience (airport commuting, quick check-in and boarding, comfort...).
6. It is a win-win-win situation that allows new customers to fly in a private jet by reducing the price up to 80%, optimize aircraft utilization by developing incremental revenue and build up a network by focusing on customer relationship and loyalty.
7. Interested to discuss any venture/relationship agreement? Send inquiry or email us at info@wannajet.com