Our loyalty program has been designed to reward our clients for their trust and loyalty. Upon reaching 20 hours of charter booked through WannaJet, we will offer you a credit of 60 free minutes.
Your credit will appear on your account statement and can be redeemed at any time with no expiration date. It can be redeemed partially or in full at your convenience.


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NY - LA or
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From 60 to 90 Minute Free Credit Flight in a Private Jet

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Once you create your account, we will send you your card and a $150 coupon valid on any of your travel plans
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Upon reaching 20 hours within 12 months, you will qualify for a credit of a free 60 minute. You will be able to apply it against your next trip as your budget requires. If you let WannaJet assist you with your travel plans, we want to be sure that not only you enjoy the comfort and an hassle free journey but also balance your business needs and your personal life. The use of private aircraft remains a productivity tool for your business while help you strengthen your relationship with either your clients or your vendors. Just don't travel to accumulate free hours. Enjoy also being home.
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We think the best way to reward our loyal clients is to go beyond the usual standards. Starting at 40 hours of flight, we will grant you 90 minutes free per 20 hour increments. It could take you from Chicago to Philadelphia or from Denver to Minneapolis.
Sharing with the ones you care who stay home, by taking a break and traveling together should be ultimate reward. Let us know when it happens and we will strive to figure out something special.
Redeeming free hours is not a cost for us. It is a proof of loyalty. Whomever uses free hours is actually our priority member on the flight. Not the contrary